Akshat Mittal has always had a keen eye in finding solutions from a young age. The son of an IT Entrepreneur, the young student from Amity International School –  Saket, proficient in coding since the age of 10 has created his second venture ChangeMyIndia.org.


We might remember him as the prodigy who took the National Capital Region by storm when he developed Odd-Even.com, a  platform for riders to find rides during the two phases of the Odd/Even scheme initiated by the Delhi Government over the past twelve months. Having sold Odd-Even to Orahi.com in an all-cash deal in April, Akshat has seen success from an early age. The 15-year- old entrepreneur  is currently associated with the Gurgaon-based carpooling app’s advisory board as a technical and domain expert – a feather in his young but accomplished cap.



One of India’s youngest entrepreneurs, Mittal started ChangeMyIndia.org after being selected as an “Ashoka Youth ChangeMaker” by Ashoka Innovators for the Public, one of the largest networks of social entrepreneurs in the world.


Bringing Changemakers Together

Launched as an initiative to bring about change, ChangeMyIndia.org endeavors to bring its changemakers closer to everyday real-world problems faced by Indian citizens and assist them in addressing these concerns by devising innovative tech and non-tech solutions. The team behind the idea, along with Ashoka Youth Venture, assigns some of the problems to these citizens and grooms them to come up with concrete solutions. The platform currently has more than 1000 citizens registered as a part of its growing network.


Scope Of The Venture

Every one of us has a changemaker instilled within ourselves, for a cause that we are passionate about. It might be to fix the parking in your locality or try to efficiently pay your monthly utility bills – whatever it might be, we work towards it. ChangeMyIndia looks to tap into all of our instincts to create a network that can collaborate with each other within the space and find solutions that will look to impact society at large. Given the success with Akshat’s first product, which captured the imagination of Delhi residents during the two Odd-Even schemes run by the government over the past twelve months, this solution by the young prodigy looks to gain similar success. The portal, which will act as a web platform for Indian citizens to list their problems/issues, will also allow them to register as changemakers and actively contribute in successfully resolving social grievances through collective, collaborative efforts.


What The Young Entrepreneur Had To Say

“When I was selected as an ‘Ashoka Youth ChangeMaker’  I was already thinking about the next challenge – how to initiate a bigger social change in India.

I noticed how there existed no single repository where citizens can list all the issues that they face on a daily basis. This was when the thought of creating a platform which brought together people who want a change and those who are eager to bring the change came to my mind.

Our mission is to get close to around 1 million citizens and changemakers on board across the nation.”


If the success with his first venture is any indicator to go by – then this young kid’s contribution to the business world has just started and we can’t wait to hear more cool products from him.



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