HBO’s Silicon Valley is one of the funniest shows about real life and start-up stories. The story revolves around six nerds and their start-up organization, Pied Piper. The show is a perfect amalgamation of innovation — venture capital — startup, with a touch of comedy and depiction of real life. Only a few visualizers realize that it’s just not a comedy show for tech-savvy nerds out there; it has a hidden message, actually many hidden messages to learn from, especially, for all the start-up entrepreneurs, this show is a must-watch.

Here are some entrepreneurial lessons they can learn from –

Silicon Valley Says ‘Have An Incredible Purpose With A Vision’

1. Silicon Valley says, have an incredible purpose with a vision.

Don’t focus on what you ought to do, but focus on why you need to do it. If your purpose and vision are defined, nobody can cause you any hindrance to be successful in the market.

User Is King

2. 'User' is the king.

Come on, you aren’t simply working for profit motives. You’re here for your users, your ultimate consumers. There’s a reason you call your product ‘user-friendly’. Be in their boots, analyze their needs and demands and implement accordingly.

Remember, It’s Not About The Money

 3. Remember, it's not about money.

“See the world from the client’s eyes, but know their worldview is limited by their previous experience.” — Rubayat Khan 

HR matters. Take It Seriously

4. HR matters. Take it seriously!

“Invest time and energy in hiribg well, and give people enough reasons to stay motivated.” –Rubayat Khan

HR is the backbone of every organization. It’s your co-workers that make up your team. I mean, everyone is so dependent on one another. Make it worth.


Culture > Strategy

5. Culture > Strategy

“Even the best-crafted strategies will sometimes fail, but it is the culture that will hold the company together.” — Rubayat Khan

You can make short/long strategies all day, but the organization that prioritizes culture, becomes successful in the long run.


Choose Your Investors Wisely

6. Choose your investors wisely.

You might meet many investors who will throw flashy parties etc., prefer them to choose at last. Remember, the Winklevoss twins?

Good investors are those who believe in the prosperity of an organization. They believe in a mature win-win concept.


Don’t Celebrate Too Soon. Haste Makes Waste

7. Don't celebrate too soon. Haste makes waste.

Remember, don’t celebrate until it’s official and on paper. You never know when Gavin Belson might sue you for everything you’ve got.


Every Professional Relationship Matters

8. Every professional relationship matter.

Take note. All relationships matter. You never know who may turn out to be useful at the time of need in the future. Remember, when Bachman dissed every VS firm in town. If only he didn’t diss them, Pied Piper wouldn’t have to raise funds from Russ Hanneman.

Keep your compensation details PRIVATE!

9. Keep your compensation details PRIVATE!

Yes, like your credit card number, this information belongs to you and only you. Comparing salaries can cause stress and competition, which is obviously toxic for an organization. Remember, when Carla tricked Dinesh and Gilfoyle into assuming that she got a higher pay than them?


SWOT Analyze Everything

10. SWOT analyze everything.
Without SWOT analysis, an organization is like a building without bricks. Yes, useless.

Read Those Contracts

11. READ those contracts.

This is how you’ll look if you don’t perform proper due diligence. You definitely don’t want to be tricked by the external parties. READ those contracts.



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