While their friends were playing on their play stations or watching Pokemon on TV, young Shravan and Sanjay Kumaran, only 12 and 10-years old, were creating their own software firm. Yes! You read that correctly – their own software firm. The brothers, from Chennai created their software firm GoDimensions back in 2012. Four years on – the brothers, now 15 and 14 have created over 11 applications for Android and are now entering the Windows field. For their herculean effort, the duo has also been recorded as the Youngest Mobile Application programmers in the whole country.

gd self


With over 700,000 downloads over their applications, the duo epitomize the thought that one is never too young or inexperienced to startup. When asked what got them hooked on to creating solutions through startups, Sanjay said, “We code our apps and learnt by getting a lot of books, reading them thoroughly and trying and solve all the problems in the books. That is how we learnt programming.” The Journey started when Shravan was in class 3, their parents gifted the brothers with a desktop computer. Quickly learning MS Powerpoint, they shifted their focus to Animation and with the help of their father they learned how to code as well.

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Many of their products are inspired from their day-to-day lives. Take their product Emergency Boat for example – to easily get emergency help on the tip of their fingertips by connecting users to police, hospital and relatives. The application was developed after Sanjay fell off his skateboard and could not contact his father for help for thirty minutes.

The duo’s inspiration has always  been the legend Steve Jobs for his innovation skills and a never-say-die attitude in tough times. His story was retold by their father many times while growing up. Some of the many products created by them are:


Catch Me Cop

This is a Game App, a con escapes a prison there is a nationwide hunt for the Con. The Con has to run through Desert, Beach & a Maze to escape the Cop. There are multiple level of this app, with varying speed & cops. This got release in January 2012, downloaded in over 25 countries world over.

Alphabet board

 This is a Learning App available on iPhone & iPad. Free Game App for Learning alphabets, a Fun & game way of learning for Kids. Alphabets are shown on the board. Kids can go back and forth, learn and master. Alphabets are taught with a picture so easy understanding.

Godimension screenshot

Prayer Planet 

This app is for praying God when on the move, these app has 4 different religious symbols that of Hindu, Christian, Muslim & Buddhism. When selected it plays religious song with pictures of that religion. This app was released in June 2012, plenty of downloads in Gulf countries. Lot of positive reviews.

Colour Palette

This app is a learning app for kids to learn colours. Colours are shown on a palette when selected the colour is explained and spelt for them. They can swipe through all the colours and learn them.


GD speech


With a diverse variety of successful products, the duo have presented a TEDx talk, a lecture at IIM Bangalore and honoured by former President APJ Abdul Kalam. With a few gaming projects in their pipeline, the duo are excited to change the world with their products – hopefully, just like their inspiration, Steve Jobs.



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