How does it feel to work in an actual party environment, is what we truly explored in this 5 hour open party organized by Achoo Entertainment, Inhaste Events along with the help of Mr. Mohit Bagga, Tech Head, Kickstart Jobs.

Boozinga is the name of this party, which happened at Cafe Qahwa, SDA market, opposite IIT Delhi. The organizers invited Inc42 to showcase the concept party, on last Tuesday, 30th August at 6.30pm.

Their invitation which was a QR code, by itself was interesting. So  following curiosity we reached this party on time. As soon as we entered the cafe, a guy wearing a black kurta and a red sticker on it, saying Boozinga, welcomed us and started explaining the concept.

This may sound strange, but as we listened, despite of being in a silent cafe, and not a bar, we felt that this is going to be wild trippy party.

The guy settled us on a table, and went on to explain, “So, like I said, you have entered a reality game party. Everyone around you in this party is a participant of the game. Each of them have been given their special tasks. They also know you are coming to the party. So some of them would interact with you to fulfill their tasks. Now if you have any professional problem which you can discuss, tell us. We will gamify your experience such, that you can solve the problem by end of this party.”

Now I was confused. I like my job. The pay is OK and I always wanted to write. Plus I get to attend all these crazy innovative parties. I replied, “I don’t have a problem.”

So they said, “Great, then you are in party for viewing a live game show. Now, just check around.”

They lead us to a group of young guys, chilling in the corner. But as we moved closer, I heard one say, “geo-targeting”, and I knew, startups.

Organizers introduced us to a smart biker looking guy, who actually turned out to be a marketing professional from a global cult bike brand. This was a surprise as we were expecting a startup party.

We were amazed further, when he told us that they have given a growth hack task to these startup guys for their bike brand.
The group was discussing cost-effective and impactful ways of brand’s expansion to other geographies.

The cafe was filled up with  startup guys who had come from Delhi and Gurgaon, and now hustling to come up with growth hacks for either a big organization, startup, media house or a brand. It was just another cafe in Delhi, on a regular Tuesday evening, but hustling with chitter chatter.

We moved to the next table and met a service based startup company, interviewing two techies by giving them a actual tech requirement of one of their US clients. Amazing!

These startups were invited by the organizers, and similarly there were, investors, angels and senior industry people.

Senior people, young talent, all thinking together. Amazing energy; the room was vibrating with ideas. Focussed on techies, but slowly marketing, PR, media guys, startups, all talent had joined in. Together solving real business problems. And all this was a part of their reality game party called, Boozinga!

They told us that they have developed these concept events, were they are integrating business objectives with fun & pleasures of a party.

They also invited us to the after party kept for the team, to makeup for the absence of booz in this one. We couldn’t stay that long, but definitely were intrigued to stay more to see more.

So we moved around and met these senior guys on other table. One was running a traditional business for 18 years, who had come to checkout and also because his friend sitting next to him wanted to come. His friend was a senior software engineer who had worked at senior levels at 2 big startup firms and now starting his own venture. There were 2 more big venture firm guys with them. All of them had come to checkout this new concept party.

On asking for feedback, one of them said, “We are having a really good discussion on our table. Good setup to bounce off ideas for business, with young talent. And these guys have organized it well too.”

On asking about the task been given on their table, he said, “We have been assigned these 2 brilliant young guys from startups. I have bounced off a fin-tech product idea to them and discussing their approach.”

It was already 9.15 pm and we had to leave, but we really wanted to stay back to see the outcomes of all these discussions. All of them were getting more interesting.

Next day organizers confirmed that  multiple implementable solutions came out in the party last night. As expected, the most note-worthy was of that cult bike brand that we met 1st.

Organizers also confirmed that they will soon be coming up with an experiential activation project for this brand in Delhi.

Overall we felt this to be a great concept. So these guys are basically making startup ecosystem meet with big brands and helping them in ideating strategies, recruitment, funding & more.

We didn’t give out the names of companies and people in this party as it was requested by organizers. On asking, how did they come up with this idea and about its founders, the organizers said it’s a concept by 3 of their clients, but there again we didn’t get any names.

No names, but a well deserving, “misfit” – Boozinga!



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