Unemployment is major cause of concern for any growing economy. The education sector bears the brunt of not producing the right kind of workforce for the growing challenges in service sector. To tackle this problem, skill based development platforms have emerged for the youth to meet the growing demands of a booming economy.

Skill based learning nurtures independent thinking, organised, and active learning. Unfortunately for India, skill based learning has long been stereotyped as menia. In an attempt to break the derided perception, in line with Narendra Modi’s “Skill India Mission”

Positive Shift international announced the launch of ‘UNO Learn’ a Web, Mobile & Digital TV skill development digital platform to offer top rated skill development courses from the leading experts of the industry and top universities.

UNO Learn have teamed up with 5 Global Institutes – Masachussets Institute of Tech (MIT), Open University UK, Saylor Academy USA, Future Learn (UK), ZTE University (Taiwan) in addition to 11 domain expert instructors with active followers on other platforms.

It is estimated that only 4.69 percent of India’s total workforce has undergone formal skill training, compared with 52% in the USA, 68% percent in the UK, 75% in Germany. According to the industry experts, skill based education is reckoned to be at the backbone of Make in India initiative.

UNO-Learn plans to offer 500+ courses. It is expected to expand incrementally keeping industry and learners skill enlargement demand. Of the courses that are offered at UNO-Learn 60% are sponsored by Institutes rest 40% are by Expert Instructors.

Speaking at the outset of UNO-Learn Vijay Ketan Mitra, Founder & CEO, PositiveShift International said, “At UNO-Learn our goal is to enable individual skill enrichment ‘anything, anytime, anywhere’ in a short, sweet and impactful manner”. A unique feature of our modules is that each of the courses is between 5 – 10 minutes in duration. Learner can complete a module in between bus stops at costs that is easy on pocket.”

UNO-Learn is expected to roll out multitude of courses like design, technology, business, finance, entrepreneurship, big data, digital marketing, spoken english, accounting, web development, CCNA, CCNP, A+, networking and business planning. On completing the courses, the students will earn certificates signed by the Industry expert.

“This is an endorsement of the learning of the learner from an expert” said Vivek Reddy, Director, Positive Shift International.Vijay Ketan Mitra on explaining the fee structure of UNO Speaking further about the UNO Learn project he said “We also share database of our certified learners to various Companies looking for certain skill sets. The learners will be able to gain direct calls from these companies.”

Vijay Ketan Mitra said, “We have very simple model. Free subscription allows learners to avail more than 1200+ sponsored courses. With a monthly subscription of just Rs 500, learners will have access to the entire library of premium courses, plus certifications including career services. This offers tremendous cost advantage to our learners. Where a course on Web Development would easily cost Rs 10000 at any high street training centre, the learner gets a benefit to learn from Top class International faculty, with certification and career service at fraction of cost.”

Positive Shift International headquartered in London, UK provides youth development skill training in line with the industry needs, corporate consultancy to deliver impactful business solutions. It has established its operations in Hyderabad and Kolkata, and partner offices in Vizag, Chennai. The company has recently invested close to 1.2Cr for platform development, course acquisition, and strategic tie -ups besides business development and marketing efforts.



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